Put CollegeBound Saver to work

We know how much you care about your employees and want to support their well-being. Many of them are probably thinking about how to save for their kids’ education but might not know how to get started. You can help by offering CollegeBound Saver as a workplace benefit. It’s a win-win: your employees save on autopilot through payroll deduction and it’s an easy, no-cost set up process for you.

Your employees can set up payroll direct deposit in four easy steps:

  • Step 1  During the online enrollment process, employees select “From my paycheck” in the “Pick a funding method” section.
  • Step 2  Employees enter the contribution amount to be deducted each pay period and print out the Payroll Direct Deposit Form. We’ll make it easy by pre-filling the account owner’s name, direct deposit amount, account number, and the CollegeBound Saver bank information.
  • Step 3  Employees submit the Payroll Direct Deposit Form to your Benefits or Payroll department, or enter information in your self-service HR portal (if available).
  • Step 4  You update the payroll direct deposit amount in your payroll system and begin sending contributions to the newly opened CollegeBound Saver account. You’re done!

Email Melissa.Bailey@ascensus.com or Jennifer.McElroy@ascensus.com to learn more or schedule a webinar for your HR team or employees.

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