Put CollegeBound Saver to work

We know how much you care about your employees and want to support their well-being. Many of them are probably thinking about how to save for their kids’ education but might not know how to get started. You can help by offering CollegeBound Saver as a workplace benefit. It’s a win-win: your employees save on autopilot through payroll deduction and it’s an easy, no-cost set up process for you.

Your employees can set up payroll direct deposit in four easy steps:

  • Step 1  During the online enrollment process, employees select “From my paycheck” in the “Pick a funding method” section.
  • Step 2  Employees enter the contribution amount to be deducted each pay period and print out the Payroll Direct Deposit Form. We’ll make it easy by pre-filling the account owner’s name, direct deposit amount, account number, and the CollegeBound Saver bank information.
  • Step 3  Employees submit the Payroll Direct Deposit Form to your Benefits or Payroll department, or enter information in your self-service HR portal (if available).
  • Step 4  You update the payroll direct deposit amount in your payroll system and begin sending contributions to the newly opened CollegeBound Saver account. You’re done!

Want to get started adding CollegeBound Saver to your benefits package? Our team is here to help. To learn more or schedule an information session, fill out our request form.