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CollegeBound Saver offers a range of investments designed to fit your goals, timeline, and preferences. 

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Age-Based Portfolios

Don't want to worry about adjusting your investment strategy? We have you covered with an all-in-one solution. CollegeBound Saver offers Age-Based Portfolios that align with your child's start date for college. We manage the asset allocation to gradually become more conservative as the date of enrollment nears.


Target Risk Portfolios

Target Risk Portfolios are another option. Unlike the Age-Based Portfolios, your assets will not be moved to more conservative investments as your child ages. Instead, the asset allocation will remain fixed unless you direct us to exchange into a different Portfolio.


Individual Portfolios

Want a more active role in your college savings? With Individual Portfolios, you can choose from eight investment options to create your own personalized strategy. Each Individual Portfolio is invested in a single underlying fund.