Some gifts matter more than others

Does it feel like saving for college is too much to do by yourself? Good news – you don’t have to. Ugift® is designed to give you a convenient way to invite friends and family to chip in with contributions to your CollegeBound Saver account. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate a great report card. Ugift® makes it easy to give kids a gift they’ll never outgrow – an education.

  • Affordable. There’s no minimum gift amount. It’s free to use for you and anyone making a gift.
  • Hassle-free. Gift contributions can be made online or by check. The contributions go right into your CollegeBound Saver account, so there's no extra paperwork for you.
  • Long-lasting. Toys break. Kids get bored. A contribution to a CollegeBound Saver account is a smart, meaningful gift.

Getting started is easy:

  • Step 1  Open a CollegeBound Saver account and opt in to Ugift®. You’ll get a unique code that’s good for the life of your account.
  • Step 2  Share your code via invitations, on social media, through text message, or however else you want to spread the word. We even have pre-written language you can use!
  • Step 3  Friends and family use the code to contribute right to your CollegeBound Saver account.

Ugift® is a registered service mark of Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, Inc.