Some gifts matter more than others

Does it feel like saving for college is too much to do by yourself? Good news – you don’t have to. Ugift® is designed to give you a convenient way to invite friends and family to chip in with contributions to your CollegeBound Saver account. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate a great report card. Ugift® makes it easy to give kids a gift they’ll never outgrow – an education.

  • Affordable.

    There’s no minimum gift amount. It’s free to use for you and anyone making a gift.

  • Hassle-free.

    Gift contributions can be made online or by check. The contributions go right into your CollegeBound Saver account, so there's no extra paperwork for you.

  • Long-lasting.

    Toys break. Kids get bored. A contribution to a CollegeBound Saver account is a smart, meaningful gift.


Get started.

Open a CollegeBound Saver account and opt in to Ugift®. You’ll get a unique code that’s good for the life of your account.


Get social.

Share your code via invitations, on social media, through text message, or however else you want to spread the word.


Get gifts.

Friends and family use the code to contribute right to your CollegeBound Saver account.

If you already have a CollegeBound Saver account, login now to generate your Ugift code. To learn more about the features, visit