Investing in Your Child’s Future.

The hardest part of saving for college can be getting started, and CollegeBoundbaby does that for you.

Administered in collaboration with Rhode Island’s 529 College Savings Plans — CollegeBound Saver and CollegeBound 529 — CollegeBoundbaby offers a $100 grant to every baby born to or adopted by Rhode Island families, to be used for higher education. To get your grant:

Opt in via Question 9

Opt-in via Question 9 on the Mother’s Worksheet for Child’s Birth Certificate, when you’re at the hospital.


Complete and return form

Complete and return the CollegeBoundbaby Authorization Form before the child’s first birthday.

For more on CollegeBoundbaby, please read the Program Description.

Make saving a habit.

Once you’ve signed up for your $100 grant, you’ll receive a welcome packet with information on how you can keep saving for your child’s future education by opening a CollegeBound Saver 529 account.

CollegeBound Saver offers special tax advantages, low fees and a broad range of professionally managed investment options. You can even put college saving on auto pilot with Recurring Contributions and payroll direct deposit (if your employer offers it).

Visit for more about RI’s direct-sold 529 plan, or to learn more about RI’s advisor-sold 529 plan.