CollegeBoundbaby is a program administered by Rhode Island’s 529 College Savings Plan — CollegeBound Saver — designed to help families get an early start at saving for their child’s higher education. All children born to or adopted within one year by Rhode Island families are eligible for a $100 CollegeBoundbaby grant to be used for higher education. The grant will be held and invested by The Office of the General Treasurer in a master account on behalf of the child until the child is ready to attend a higher education institution. CollegeBoundbaby is part of the State’s ongoing commitment to investing in Rhode Island families, one child at a time. For more information, please read the Program Description, and call us at 401-574-9144 or email collegeboundbaby@treasury.ri.gov.

The grant is available for Rhode Island resident children born between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2021. Children must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens who have a Social Security Number or Federal Tax Identification Number. All children adopted by Rhode Island residents between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2021 are also eligible to receive a CollegeBoundbaby Grant within their first year of adoption.

Participation in the CollegeBoundbaby program is free! There are no fees, charges, or hidden costs to participate. The $100 grant remains in the CollegeBoundbaby account until your child is ready to attend their higher education institution.

CollegeBound Saver is a direct-sold 529 education savings plan administered by the state of Rhode Island. A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle that helps families save for college. Money saved in CollegeBound Saver can be used at any eligible college, university, vocational or trade school. Benefits include no contribution minimums, tax-free earnings growth, an annual RI state tax deduction (for contributions up to $500 for single filers and up to $1,000 for married couples filing jointly), no annual account fee and a wide range of investment options. The Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer oversees CollegeBound Saver.

Yes, you are still eligible! The CollegeBoundbaby program is a great first step in supporting a child's higher education savings. You do not need to make any further contributions in order to receive the grant. When you are ready, we encourage families to open up an individual CollegeBound Saver account and contribute to their child's education.

If you would like to contribute directly to your child's college savings, you'll need to open your own 529 account. You can open a CollegeBound Saver account by enrolling online at collegeboundsaver.com. Once you’ve established an individual account, you can invite family and friends to make contributions any time through Ugift.

Yes, children born out-of-state to Rhode Island residents are still eligible to receive the CollegeBoundbaby Grant until the child’s first birthday. To register your child, please complete the CollegeBoundbaby Authorization Form and/or call 401-574-9144 for more information.

Yes, the CollegeBoundbaby Grant will still be available when your child is ready for college, with no penalty. The program exists to help families save for their child’s college education and we encourage all Rhode Islanders to take full advantage of this benefit. If you have opened an individual CollegeBound Saver account, you may maintain it as well, regardless of residency.

You may register your grandchild for the CollegeBoundbaby grant, however you will need the mother’s explicit permission. Additionally, you will need to confirm the mother’s name and the child’s birthday, as well as information from the child’s Birth Certificate and Social Security card.

Yes. If you have multiple children who received a CollegeBoundbaby grant, after logging in with your first child click “Add Child” near the top of the screen and enter the other child’s CollegeBoundbaby ID Number.