We realize that, when the time comes, you may need a combination of saving and borrowing to pay for college. But the numbers don't lie: Thanks to CollegeBound Saver's potential for tax-deferred growth, and the power of compounding, saving and investing even a little each month can be more cost-effective than borrowing money and paying interest on it.1

Start with small steps.

Could you save $1 a day for college? Maybe skip one night out a month, or a few coffees a week?

These may not seem like much, but even small amounts over time can help make a college education more affordable. Plus, the good feeling you'll have knowing that you're investing in your child's future will last a lot longer than a morning coffee or that pizza night out.

Talk to your kids about saving.

Saving for college should be a family affair. Get your kids involved early to get them excited about their future. CollegeBound Saver can help start the conversation with Little By Little, a children's book that teaches how things grow little by little.

1A plan of regular investment cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.